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Schloss Gamlitz / Fam. Melcher
Eckberger Weinstraße 32
A-8462 Gamlitz – Südsteiermark
+43 (0) 34 53 / 23 63

Wine museum

Museums are not only depositories for all types of things, but also showcases for the richness of culture of a region which make them a valuable resource for remembering.

Collecting and cataloguing were always the basic skills of researchers. Objects and their histories provide a tangent idea of the past. Gamlitz Castle has been a fixed star in the cultural scene of southern Styria for more than 100 years due to its exhibitions and cultural events.

Wine is the water of life and also its inspiration. But wine is also the product of hard physical labour so there are myriad ways of telling its story.

The current exhibits of the wine museum are grouped under the following themes:

  • Archduke Johann and winemaking in Styria
  • The Atlas of Vines from H. and R. Goethe
  • Genesis – from the bud to the grape
  • The Romans and winemaking
  • The Styrian course from 1945 to 2005
  • Grape phylloxera and other vine diseases


Entrance fee:

guid price
Unguided € 3,– / person
With guide € 6,– / person about 15 persons
With guide € 5,– / person under 15 persons

For further information open the pdf file Download Info Museum

Following the museum you change from the theoretical to the practical side of winemaking. Specialists in wine production will train you in winemaking skills.

… if you are lucky even the cellar master himself…


Wine tasting in the castle wine cellar which is 450 years old:

Persons samples / price samples / price
under 15 persons 3 samples € 12,– / person 5 samples € 17,– / person
about 15 persons 3 samples € 9,– / person 5 samples € 12,– / person
Bread rolls are served with the samples.
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  • Melcher-Wine Schloss Gamlitz