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Schloss Gamlitz / Fam. Melcher
Eckberger Weinstraße 32
A-8462 Gamlitz – Südsteiermark
+43 (0) 34 53 / 23 63

Your Dream Wedding at Gamlitz Castle

A unique day requires a unique location!

Get yourself a glass of “Melcher” wine, dim the light, lean back and let yourself be carried off to your wedding castle. Passing the gateway, the breath-taking, sunny castle yard with its unique tree of life presents itself to you. Starting from this central point, you access all the premises of your dream castle. Let your eyes wander and discover palatial ballrooms, the 450 years old wine vault and the comfortable castle restaurant. Come one step closer and explore the unique winegrowing museum as well as the grand rooms and suites. Do you already feel the warmth at heart?

Enjoy this romantic atmosphere. With our many years of experience, our flexibility and personal engagement, your wedding will certainly be an unforgettable experience! By request, Arnold Melcher, lord of the castle, and his team organise your entire wedding in compliance with your wishes. With its experience of over 800 weddings organised, the Gamlitz castle team is at your disposal with help and advice.

Just say “yes”!

Flexibility is our Success

The team of Gamlitz castle excels due to its flexibility and perfection, so that every celebration becomes unforgettable. Let us organise your celebration and enjoy the romantic atmosphere completely stress-free. Our competent, top-trained staff supports you during the entire wedding at Gamlitz castle.
Of course, the individuality of your wedding is our concern! We are happy to comply with your wishes and ideas. With our many years of experience we are ready to help you realise your dream wedding.

Your most beautiful Day

1. Festive Reception
2. Civil Wedding
3. Church Wedding
4. Agape
5. Back to the Castle Yard
6. Into the Ballroom
7. The Banquet
8. The Wedding Cake
9. The Midnight Snack
10. Overnight Stay at Gamlitz Castle
11. The Brunch in the Morning after the Wedding
12. The Costs of the Wedding
13. Miscellaneous

1. Festive Reception

We receive your guests for instance with our own castle-made wines or a drink of your choice in the Mediterranean castle yard or in the 450 years old wine vault.
Upon request we serve delicious dainty morsels or other delicacies. Ideally, your wedding starts in the early afternoon. From the moment of your arrival at our castle, you and your guests don’t need your cars anymore. All stations are readily accessible on foot. There are enough parking spaces for your guests in front of and behind the castle.
Especially important for you: There are suitable premises at your disposal for any weather condition.

Regarding the musical entertainment, you can either book your own band or choose from our band-portfolio. As an alternative, premium hi-fi equipment is at your disposal in the castle yard as well as in the ballrooms. Therefore, you can play the music you brought along, for example via CD or USB-stick.
Optionally we are ready to organise a wedding-nanny who lovingly cares for the children and contributes to making your wedding an unforgettable day.

2. Civil Wedding

We would love to organise your civil wedding at our castle. For this purpose, we suggest our beautiful, sunlit castle yard, the idyllic “Presshaus”-meadow or the 450 years old, candlelit wine vault.
Gamlitz disposes of three professionally and rhetorically trained marriage registrars.
Registration at the registry office of Gamlitz: Tel.: +43 (0) 3453 2667

Don’t forget about the song selection for the background music of the civil wedding (one song each for the marching in, the exchange of rings and for the festive end of the ceremony). Subsequently, you can celebrate your civil wedding with a glass of sparkling wine.

3. Church Wedding in the Parish Church St. Peter und Paul in Gamlitz

The newly renovated “St. Peter und Paul” church in Gamlitz, which can be reached within a five minutes’ walk from the castle, is ideally suitable for your church wedding.
Arrangement with the parish office Tel.: +43 (0) 34 53 23 81

Approved deacons for your church wedding are:
Mag. Johann Glück (Knittelfeld) Tel.: +43 (0) 676 87 42 67 13
Franz Herneth (Leibnitz) Tel.: +43 (0) 3452 71 742
Siegfried Röck (Eichfeld) Tel.: +43 (0) 676 87 42 47 20
Johann Pock (Mureck) Tel.: +43 (0) 664 39 80 057

Of course there is the possibility of the blessing of the rings directly in the castle by our minister Mag. Franz Haindler. The blessing of the rings optionally takes place either after or during the civil wedding.
Old Catholic Minister Mag. Franz Haindler Tel.: +43 (0) 3452 823 16 (Parish office Wagna) or +43 (0) 664 54 22 386

Two hours’ time should ideally be scheduled between the beginning of the civil wedding and the church wedding.

Would you like to go to church and back in a decorated horse-drawn carriage?
Tel.: +43 (0) 660 761 43 93
Upon your request, the carriage drivers release white doves…

If you wish another kind of marriage, we are of course at your disposal with help and advice as well.

4. Agape

After the church wedding, we can organise an agape in front of the church with star-shaped bread (a loaf of bread made of small bread rolls baked together), salt, wine and juices – just according to your wishes.
We organise the entire build-up of standing desks, tables, glasses, chilled beverages and decoration for you.

5. Back to the Castle Yard

After the agape, you and your guests return to the castle yard. You will be received for example with a fruit-punch or another beverage of your choice.
A slight lead: Now there would be time to take the wedding pictures. The castle and its surroundings are perfectly suitable for wedding pictures. Take pictures for example in the Mediterranean castle yard with its “Romeo and Juliet” balcony, on the flower field around the “Presshaus” or – in case of bad weather – in the beautiful premises of the castle or in the wine vault. This moment also lends itself to throw the bridal bouquet – so this can be captured photographically, too.

Do you want to invite your guests to something special and not ordinary in the meantime? Then use the time for a wine tasting in the 450 years old castle cellar with its castle-made wines and a visit to the wine store with old wines. Additionally, we offer guided tours to our winegrowing museum.

6. Into the Ballroom

The magnificent ballrooms and the romantic premises of the castle accommodate weddings of every size. Click at our ballrooms and find an all-around overview of our premises.
Great ballroom (up to 160 people)
Small ballroom (up to 50 people)
Billiards room (up to 26 people)
Hunters’ room (up to 22 people)

We would love to help you with the table- and seating plans. We also provide a picture frame on a scaffold for your seating plan.
The ballroom is decorated individually according to your needs. You also have to possibility to decorate the ballroom very personally – for example with pictures of the bridal couple.
Additionally there is a beamer as well as a screen for presentations at your disposal.

For your special day, you can also rent Gamlitz castle exclusively. Just our restaurant remains open for our à-la-carte guests.

7. The Banquet

We fulfil your every culinary wish – from traditional Styrian Cuisine to Haute Cuisine. No matter if 7-course grand gala menu, wedding buffet or pigling – we make your wishes come true. You can also choose from our tried and tested menu and buffet selection. Of course you can vary the order of the menu.
The price is calculated after you have made your choice.

8. The Wedding Cake

About 1 ½ hours after the meal, we serve your wedding cake. We gladly help you with the choice of your confectioner. In case there are many children at your wedding, the cake could already be served in the afternoon. So, also the little ones can taste the sweets.

Now there would be time for the “kidnapping of the bride” to the castle cellar.
Our advice: Perform magic in the sky and light unforgettable fireworks as a highlight in the evening.

9. The Midnight Snack

The clock strikes for the midnight snack: We serve original Hungarian kettle goulash cooked upon an open fire. There are of course also alternatives – classics like Chilli con Carne, scrambled eggs with pumpkin seed oil or goulash soup. Do you wish for something else? There are no limits to your ideas.
When the live-band stops to play, we start our disco in the bar area upon request. Here you also have the possibility to make up your own playlist, to play your CDs or to trust our choice. Party until the early hours of the morning – naturally without any surcharge!

10. Overnight Stay at Gamlitz Castle

Directly in Gamlitz castle, you can choose between grand rooms in castle-style, an elegant suite or classic comfortable double rooms in the rustic side wing of the castle. All in all, 40 overnight stay possibilities are at your disposal. All rooms of the castle were equipped carefully in various styles by the Melcher family.
The entire infrastructure around Gamlitz castle lends itself perfectly to the trouble-free realisation of your wedding. There are also numerous accommodations for your guests in the near of the castle as well as two taxi companies (day and night) at your disposal.

Taxi Petra, Weinleitengasse 229, 8462 Gamlitz, Tel: +43 (0) 664 207 0 207,
Taxi Schimautz, Josef Zierer Weg 288, 8462 Gamlitz, Tel: +43 (0) 664 435 273 6, E-mail:,
We made a list of accommodations for you:
Accommodations near Gamlitz castle
For more information and bookings, please contact the tourist office in Gamlitz:
Tel.: +43 (0) 34 53 / 39 22, E-mail:,

11. The Brunch in the Morning after the Wedding

Kissed by the first sunrays: Enjoy our extensive breakfast buffet to comfortably complete your unforgettable celebrations. No matter if hung-over or woken up by the Mediterranean South Styrian air – our brunch has something in store for everybody. Naturally your guests are welcome even if they didn’t stay overnight in the castle.
Besides our extensive standard breakfast, we also offer a brunch (extended breakfast with three additional warm dishes).

12. The Costs of the Wedding

If you arrange your entire wedding at Gamlitz castle, you can calculate about € 110,– to € 150,– per person. These prices include: Ballroom rent incl. table linen and chair covers, build-up costs for wedding and agape, staff, candles (tea candles), all beverages during the whole celebration (except cocktails, mixed drinks and spirits) as well as all dishes. You can decide who bears the costs of the mixed drinks and spirits. Hint: As experience teaches, celebrations last longer when your guests are invited on the mixed drinks.
The final price of your wedding depends on the actual consumption and your choice.
Excluded are: decoration, live music, photographer, hairdresser, make-up artist, ceremonial costs to the town hall, guest rooms and an eventual brunch on the next day.

Please find our prices in our wedding price lists:
Wedding Price List

Please note that we cannot offer the Great Ballroom on Saturdays as well as on Fridays after a public holiday for fewer than 80 people. If the number of guests is below 80, we invoice € 45,– for every missing person. Unfortunately we had to take this step due to the fact that often weddings with about 100 guests were booked, but much fewer persons were present.

13. Miscellaneous

We made a list of our partners for you – wedding nanny, hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer, decorator, music, minister, your personal fireworks – everything is possible.
Click here to download the PDF-file: List of partners

Wedding Checklist

We also made a wedding checklist for you. It should help you with your preparations. In case you have less time until your wedding takes pace, don’t be stressed. It serves as a guideline and all things mentioned can naturally be planned at other times as well.

Download the wedding checklist of Gamlitz castle: Wedding Checklist

Contact for your Wedding at Gamlitz Castle

Our team advises you concerning our wedding offers all year round. Come to Gamlitz castle and get an idea of the beautiful location yourself.

Please call us in advance (+43 (0) 664/408 57 15) so that we can attend to your wishes in the best possible way.

Schloss Gamlitz – Familie Melcher Eckberger
Weinstraße 32
A-8462 Gamlitz
T: +43 (0) 34 53 / 23 63
F: +43 (0) 34 53 / 45 50

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