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Schloss Gamlitz / Fam. Melcher
Eckberger Weinstraße 32
A-8462 Gamlitz – Südsteiermark
+43 (0) 34 53 / 23 63

The Melcher-Family

Winemaking since Roman times. Grandsigneur of the family Ing. Siegfried Melcher and his son Arnold, press wine of great structure and elegance at Schloss Gamlitz. These wines are packed with fruitness and fresh acidity. The vines have taken root in one of the best regions in Styria – in the vineyard Sonneck. This is where the Melcher wines, which are continually adjudged to be some of the best in the land, come from.

Best south-facing slopes, mild climate, modern winemaking technology and many years of experience come together and are prerequisites for the making of noble, fruity and pure wines.

That is one half of the family. The other half is represented by Jolanda Melcher who is a gallery owner and has been organising exhibitions, concerts, readings and cabaret evenings since 1979. Arnold Melcher has also taken over these skills with the help of his mother. Currently, Schloss Gamlitz is the unchallenged cultural hub in the national park “Südsteirisches Weinland”.

Not to forget aunt Josi – she is the pillar of strength for the family. For her cooking she has already received 7 cloches (awarded by the family members). She is probably the most humorous and likeable person in the whole wide world. Many thanks aunt Josi! Arnold’s brother Josef and his children Josef (Fefi), Lena (Mimi) and Max, as well as Josef’s sister Martina and her partner Heinz and their son Johannes (Jojohansi) have taken a slightly different direction but often come to the castle to visit grandma and grandpa, mum and dad, Arnold, aunt Josi and last but not least Alf (the castle hound). Alf greets the guests in his own grand way and is actually the most important “member” of our family. That is just the way it is…

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